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Reader Comments
Friends and family were asked to read sections of the book before its official release.  Below are their comments.  Email us here to share your comments!

Oh Daphene....it's so good.  As I read it, my heart was breaking for Deborah... and you...and the family.  I know God will bless this book. 
- Terri Hicks, Atlanta, Georgia
Too beautiful for words - thank you for sharing these chapters with me.  I both ache and celebrate with you.  Never, ever forget not only were you lucky to have Deborah as your twin sister, but she was so blessed to have you as her sister. Your story will touch, encourage, and help heal many, who struggle with unanswered questions. And still encourage an unfaltering faith.
- Gail Walker, Atlanta, Georgia
Daphene, I love, love,  love it.  To me it is a page turner and I loved it. It's hard to believe that it is your life.  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. I can't wait to read the rest. Good luck! Thanks for sharing it with me. I have so many questions. I am going to wait and buy the book. Love ya and thanks again. I am very passionate about books and I think you have a great one! 
- Denise Holowchuk, Jackson, New Jersey 

I am so moved by your story and cannot wait to read the rest of the book! Again, thanks for sharing this part of your book with me and for being the light of Christ in this hurting world. You live out the words of scriptures that say we are comforted by God not just for ourselves but so we can comfort others. May God continue to use you for His glory and bless you as you walk in obedience!
- Jane Moore

My dearest Daphene. 
I'm truly amazed at the gift you and Andrea Taylor have, and I am honored to be one of the first to read your story.  You have published a beautiful inspirational book that will touch the lives of so many people giving them hope. This is a beautiful story of love and forgiveness that leads to hope that only comes from our God.
- Kim Ward